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A highly versatile artist, Rachel is an American singer who got her start her career in the 2000s.

Growing up in a talented musical family dictated that different forms of music would always surround Nelson. His mother is soloist & lead singer with the group The Gospel Supremes of Shelby, NC. To his benefit, Nelson’s parents exposed him to a wealth of music as a child and it all influenced his development.

Nelson’s first foray into learning instruments on his own came when he started to play the drums in church at 6 years old. Later he began to sing.  After eleven years of singing he picked up a keyboard and has never looked back.

After placing his sights on making music, Nelson began displaying his talent in various venues across the Carolinas. Nelson made sure that as many people as possible were hearing his music and ministry. Quickly, he was noted for the distinctive style that he brought to the contemporary & traditional church scene. His popularity began to grow.

As confidence grew and style developed, Nelson soon realized a loyal following and he became a popular hit in the Cleveland county music scene. His talent with a variety of musical styles only added to his appeal, and his unique inspirational sound, with a twist, started to find an appreciative audience.

Although his ministry was continuing to grow in Cleveland County and surrounding areas, it was not here that he was destined to become an artist. Instead, Nelson had developed an affinity with Winston Salem. Having traveled there frequently, and marrying a beautiful Winston Salem native, he moved there in 1999 and never managed to leave.